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Marianne van Twillert-Wennekes was born in the Netherlands. After having completed her tourism study in Brussels, she got a job in Budva and moved to Tito’s Yugoslavia. She has been living in Montenegro for the last 50 years, most of the time in Podgorica, where she has worked as translator/interpreter for German, English and Dutch for many national and international organizations. Marianne, or “Mariana” as she is called in Montenegro, is mother of two daughters and a son and proud grandmother of eight grandchildren.  She loves photography and has published her work in various brochures and magazines. She was also in charge of the photography for the first Dutch travel guides to Montenegro, Albania and Ohrid/Macedonia, written by her husband Paul Wennekes. Together with Paul, she travels around the Balkans and many other countries by camper, making photos and writing her blog. Marianne would like to use this website to share her experience with Montenegrin travel fans, but also with tourists and foreigners living – temporarily or permanently – in Montenegro.

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  1. Hallo Marianne, ich lebe seit 2007 in Montenegro und bin in der Tourismusbranche tätig (Vermietung von Ferienwohnungen, http://www.utjeha.me). Ich bin sehr an dem Thema “Spomenik” interessiert, auch die Idee mit der Route hate mich begeistert. Wie kann ich Dich kontaktieren?

    1. Hallo Michael, ich bin gerade zurueck von einer Reise nach Kuba, wo ich kaum Internet hatte. Entschuldigung fuer die verspaetete Antwort. Ich glaube, dass wir uns schon mal getroffen haben, bei einer Konferenz oder beim Stammtisch. Es freut mich, dass Du an meiner Idee ueber die “Spomenik”-Route interessiert bist. Meine E-Mailadresse ist marianne@vantwillert.me. Morgen gibt es wieder einen Stammtisch. Mein Partner Paul Wennekes und ich werden auch anwesend sein. Vielleicht treffen wir uns dort? Liebe Gruesse, Marianne

  2. Robert says: Reply

    Hello Marianne,

    I just came across your blog when looking for information about Montenegro and Albania and I have to say I’ve found it very interesting. I love the Balkans; I’ve been to Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Romania, and I love them all. The thing is, for my next trip (most likely between the 15th and the 30th of September) I’m considering visiting either Montenegro or Albania. The trip would last about ten days and I would be traveling with my girlfriend (we’re both Spanish and in our twenties). We love historic sights and cities, nature and hiking (though we’re no experts), chatting with locals, trying local dishes and above all finding authentic places that show the reality of the country. I don’t know about prices, but I guess that Albania should be slightly cheaper than Montenegro and Montenegro should probably be a bit more expensive than neighboring Bosnia or Serbia, am I right? According to our preferences, the localities that I was planning to visit in case we went to Albania would be Berat, Girokaster, Tirana and the Ioninan coast. If we stayed in Montenegro, we would spend about 5 days in the coastal region and about the same in the mountainous regions of Durmitor and Biogradska Gora. According to this info and in your opinion, which country would you recommend us to visit? Is Albania less safe than Montenegro? Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Robert, thank you for your email. I will be glad to give you some advice, but it would be useful to know how you will travel. By car, bus, plane? As soon as I get your answer, I can tell you more.
      Best regards,

  3. Robert says: Reply

    Hello Marianne,

    Thank you very much for your quick reply. We will most likely get there by plane (either to Podgorica or to Dubrovnik), and once we’re there we would possibly rent a car for a week or so; I guess that if we depended on public transportation we wouldn’t have much freedom of movement, right?. Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,


    1. Hello Robert,
      Taking into account your plans, I would propose you to fly to Dubrovnik (better connections from Spain than Podgorica), to hire a car on the airport and to continue your trip to Montenegro. Ten days is not so much when you want to learn something more about a country. That is why I would recommend you to spend most of your time in Montenegro. September is a beautiful period for your trip. Visit the Bay of Kotor with its magnificent historic and authentic places and continue your trip via Kotor through the Lovćen National Park (hiking!) to Cetinje, the former royal capital of Montenegro, and further to the capital Podgorica. From there you can travel to Biogradska Gora and to Durmitor, also great hiking regions. If you want to see the southern part of the coast (Ulcinj) you can take the same route to Podgorica and from there you travel (through a 4 km lon gtunnel) to Bar and Ulcinj, and along the Montenegrin coast back to Dubrovnik. If you want to see a part of Albania, maybe it would be interesting for you to take the road from Podgorica to Shkoder and to make a tour around Lake Shkoder to Muriqan where you pass the border near Ulcinj. I suppose that you have a map, so will understand what I mean. A beatiful place to stay near Shkoder is Lake Shkoder Resort on the road between Podgorica and Shkoder. Here you can camp or hire a lodge or bell tent and from here you can also make excursions to the Albanian Alps, a very authentic area! These are just some ideas, there is much to see in both countries! I think that Berat, the Ionian Coast and Gjirokaster are rather far away for you, as many roads in Albania are bad and the traffic is chaotic, in particular in and round Tirana. Indeed, Albania is less expensive than Montenegro. Montenegro is in particular more expensive on the coast, not in the continental part. As far as safety is concerned, in my opinion both countries are safe, even compared to Western Europe. If you need more advice, take a look at the website of the National Tourist Organization http://www.montenegro.travel.com.
      All the best and have a nice time!

  4. Robert says: Reply

    Thank you so much for the information, it’s highly appreciated. I’ll keep all your advices in mind when planning my trip. Thanks again and all the best to you too.

    Best regards,


  5. Adam says: Reply

    Hi Marianne,

    My wife and I just arrived in Montenegro where we’ll be staying for 3 months – six weeks around Kotor and six weeks south of Budva. Your blog has been an amazing resource thus far. WE’re particularly interested in hiking as much as possible, so I’ve been reading your posts on various hikes. Do you have a list of favorites or must-dos? We have a car and though we have residences set up already we are hoping to travel around the country as much as possible.


    1. Hi Adam,
      I am sorry to be late with my reply, but I just came back from a trip to the Netherlands. Of course, it will be a pleasure to give you a list of favorate hikes. Can you give me some ideas about your wishes? I suppose you are interested in the coastal and central region of Montenegro. Should you prefer hiking in the mountains of North Montenegro (Durmitor, Prokletije) you should find another accommodation. And what about the degree of difficulty, the length of the hiking tours, etc.? There are so many beautiful places, it is not easy to make a shortlist!
      I am awaiting your news,
      with kind regards,

      1. Adam says: Reply

        Thanks Marianne. I’m interested in hikes all over Montenegro, including the northern regions. I’m hoping to go to Durmitor in a few weeks but perhaps there will be too much snow? I like hikes that are easy to moderate and at least an hour or two and up to an all day hike. We’ve seen much of the Bay of Kotor region, the ladder and the Vrmac Peninsula and are looking to get out towards Central Montenegro and the mountains.

        Thank you so much!

        1. Hallo Adam,
          I think that hiking in the Lake Skadar and Lovcen regions is most appropriate at the moment. Hiking in the Durmitor mountains might be possible starting from May, but you should verify the situation in advance.
          For more information you can address to the website of National Park Skadarsko jezero (www.npskadarlake.org). See: “Dozivjeti” and then “Footpath” in the English version. At the visitor centers in Vranjina and Virpazar you can get a detailed hiking map with a lot of possibilities. National Park Lovcen does not have its own website, but hiking maps and brochures are available at the visitor center in Ivanova Korita. And what about hiking along the Coastal Mountaineering Transversal Route? You can find a hiking panorama map from Lovcen to Rumija at the website http://www.montenegro.travel.
          I wish you a lot of fun!
          Kind regards,

  6. Dane Stevens says: Reply

    Zdravo Marianne,

    My girlfriend Joanie and I are an American couple living in Podgorica since September when Joanie began teaching english at the university in Niksic in September. We found your blog a few months back and have really enjoyed reading it, and have put to use some of the good info it contains for our own travels. I unfortunately have to leave MNE in one week to go back to the US, but before I do, we’re hoping to squeeze in a short trip to Albania. Our plan is to rent a car and spend one or two nights in Albania. Do you have any recommendations on any interesting possible destinations. We’re both experienced travelers with a curiosity for off the beaten path locations. Thanks again for the great blog. Take care

    Dane Stevens

    1. Dear Dane,
      I am so sorry I missed your comment! I just came back from a trip to the Netherlands and now it is too late to answer your question, you are already in the US. I hope you will be back soon and in that case, it will be a pleasure to meet both of you for a cup of coffee and to give you all information about the hidden places of Albania AND Montenegro. Of course, if your girlfriend Joannie needs some advice, I am available at all times.
      All the best and kind regards,

  7. puning says: Reply


    I would like to know how much is your 2 hours city tour?

    1. Do you mean the price of a guide for the walking tour? I would be ready to show you the city, but I would like to know the size of the group and the date!

  8. Just like to say that I enjoy your blog very much. While I am planning for our short stay in Montenegro (4 days) your blog has helped in some of the ‘off the radar’ site that I rather visit than the crowded tourists of the sea locations of Budva etc.
    I’m very much exited about our walk to Poseljani, looks great. If you drive in, rather than take the walking path, will you still get to see much or is the path well worth it?

    Thanks again.
    Manitoba, Canada.

    1. Good morning,
      The walking path is really worth it, from the road you cannot see the beautiful bridges and water mills. Give it a try, you will enjoy it!

  9. Leo says: Reply

    Hi Marianne! Lovely blog, some great photos. I am coming to Montenegro next week and am looking for some good sites for Butterflies and Orchids. I am staying in Kolasin two days, one days at Lake Skadar, two days in Budva and two days in Kotor. We will visit Biogradska Gora and then some road sides between the towns we are visiting, if you have any good places to visit please send me an email. Many thanks!! Leo

    1. Hi Leo,
      Sorry for the late answer, I am just back from a short trip to Albania. Nice to hear that you will spend a week in Montenegro. It is difficult to recommend you some places, as I don’t know your exact plan. You will find orchids at many places, although the best period is the beginning of May. At the moment, many flowers (and thus also butterflies) can be found on the mountain plateaus, like National Park Lovcen and also in the surroundings of Kolasin and National Park Biogradska Gora. But I can recommend you some good road sides:
      1. the old road between Kotor and Cetinje (25 serpentines, passing the plateau of Njegusi) and further to Podgorica. Cetinje is absolutely worth a visit!
      2. the road that leads from Virpazar (Lake Skadar) – along the Lake, passing the villages of Murici (you can take a boat for a visit of the islands) and Vladimir – in the direction of Ulcinj. Another beautiful place to visit on Lake Skadar is Rijeka Crnojevica (good lake fish at restaurant Mostina!)
      3. the old road between Kolasin and Podgorica, passing though Matesevo and Verusa
      4. the circuit around Korita, starting from Podgorica (for further information: see http://www.montenegrotravel, Panoramic roads around Montenegro
      All roads are asphalt, narrow but suitable for a normal passenger car.
      I hope this information will be useful for you!
      Kind regards,

  10. Hi Marianne

    Just wanted to thank you for putting so much interesting information with lovely photographs together for others to enjoy.

    Best regards
    Nigel Brown

  11. Cathy says: Reply


    what a fantastic help your blog has been! it’s given us some great ideas and places to investigate so thanks very much.

    My boyfriend and i hope to stay for 2 months longer in Montenegro and explore a little more. I hope you may be able to help as we have a question on car/van insurance – we had to buy insurance at the border for an initial 2 weeks, but we want to stay longer. Is there a good option to extend our insurance, or do we have to visit the border again to get a 2 month insurance cover? We have a UK registered van but the UK insurer is unwilling to issue a green card.

    thanks in advance for any help you can give 🙂

    1. Hi,
      I think you can get all information at insurance company Delta Generali. Their office is in the big new building opposite to the old clock tower in Podgorica. Address Kralja Nikola 27/vi, 6th floor. Phone 020 444800. Email kontakt@deltagenerali.me. They are very professional and English is spoken.
      Kind regards and have a nice stay in Montenegro!

  12. Andrew Rondeau says: Reply

    Just booked our 2 week holiday in Montenegro. Last year we spent 2 weeks in Croatia and loved it – so thought we would try the next country along. I did a search for the Durmitor Ring tour and your site came up. We will be hiring a car but from the sound of the state of the gravel roads it might be best to do an organized tour. What are your thoughts and would you recommend a particular tour agent?


    1. Hi, it is a good idea to book an organized tour for the Durmitor Ring. Please address to Summit travel agency in Zabljak (Summit.co.me). Ask for Ana Grbovic and give her my best regards! I am sure you will be satisfied!
      Have a nice stay in Montenegro and best regards

  13. Andrew Rondeau says: Reply

    Thank YOU so much! I shall make contact now. We are flying to Dubrovnik; driving to Zabljak to stay a few days, then driving onto Budva for a few more, then back to Dubrovnik and staying a few more days.

    Getting excited!


  14. Hello!

    Great website!
    I have some questions about Montenegro: maybe you can help me? 25 aug we start to work at a water cleaning installation in the city of NICSIK (Trebesja).
    Are there any shops for building materials? Our truck with materials might have delays because of the long procedures at the border. The preparation works we can do without these materials, but then I need to buy a bit locally.
    Also: if you know a house/rooms to rent for 2 weeks for my workers 🙂

    Thanks a lot and again: very beautiful website!

    Best regards


    1. Good morning!
      Thank you for your mail. I will try to help you: there is a company for building materials in Podgorica, you can find more information on http://www.kips.me, also in English.
      Do you need a house in Niksic? How many rooms, what price? With more details, I can try to find something.
      Much success with your work and welcome to Montenegro!

      1. Dank je wel voor je snelle reply 🙂

        We are coming with a team of 5 to work in Niksic. Together with the preparation time, i’d need housing for the period 20 august – 15 september.
        No need for luxury, nothing to expensive but decent ofcourse 🙂 I stayed in 2010 a couple of days in Budva in a family’s house paying for a room per night. I don’t know what are the options in Niksic, but it seems to me better then a hotel.

        Looking forward to come back to Montenegro again! I am passionated about the Balkans, being able to make the combination with work now is just great 🙂

        Have a nice day!


        1. Hi, I am trying to find accommodation in Niksic. Do you also need food?

  15. Thanks for your help!

    No, food is not needed.

    1. How many rooms? All single rooms? That is difficult to find in ONE house.

    2. How many rooms? It is difficult to find 5 single rooms in one house!

    3. Hi Bert,
      Can you please give me some information about your plans to rent the house in Niksic? The house owner insists on a definite answer, as he has other offers. Also for me this is an unpleasant situation. I am expecting your early news.
      Regards, Mariann

  16. 2 rooms is ennough! 🙂

    1. Hi,
      I found in one house with garden in the centre of Niksic: three rooms, bathroom, kitchenette, clean bed linen as needed, parking lot in the courtyard, washing machine if needed. The price is 10 Euro per bed per night.
      If convenient, please confirm as soon as possible.
      Hartelijke groeten,

  17. Thank you very much!
    When I have final confirmation of starting date of the works I let you know

    thanks a lot for your help

  18. George Maskaleris says: Reply

    Hi Marianne,

    your blog is really amazing. We will spend 4 days in Montenegro this weekend: 2 days in Zabljak (nevidio canyon and ice cave hikong trail), one day the rafting in Tara canyon and one day in Kotor. Any further suggestions for a place that we should not miss?


    1. Hi George,
      That is a great program! Difficult to give you other suggestions as your time is limited.
      Don’t miss climbing up to the fortress on the top of the old city walls of Kotor!
      Maybe you could also visit Lovcen National Park, taking the “Kotor stairways” – 25 serpentines up to the village of Njegusi with breathtaking views – and visiting the Njegos mausoleum on the top of Mount Lovcen.
      Have a nice time in Montenegro!

      1. George Maskaleris says: Reply

        sure Marianne, we will visit Lovcen. The question is when? sunrise or sunset?

        1. Sunset!!!

  19. George Maskaleris says: Reply

    speaking about Elaphiti islands, we will visit them by kayak from Zaton Bay. Which is the most fascinating tour of the islands that should not be missed?

    1. I am afraid I lost this message so I repeat…
      Very nice idea to visit the Elaphiti islands! The most interesting place for kayakers is, in my opinion, the village of Sudjuradj on the Sipan island and its surroundings (rocky cliffs, caves ..), then th island of Lopud, although it is more crowded, and I was also told that Kolocep is beautiful.
      Much success and have a nice trip!

  20. Fanny says: Reply

    Hi Marianne,

    Nice to talk with you and i have planned to go to Kotor, Mostar and Sarajevo in the next month. i have a concern that whether driving to cross the border on Sunday morning from Kotor to Mostar will take a lot of time? what is the border name and do you know around how many hours driving from Kotor to Mostar include the border crossing time?
    and i also want to go to Blagaj first, but do you prefer go in Sunday? Is there any parking lot and do you know around how much per hour? visit Blagaj need around how many hours?
    my last question is, I have only 2 days in Bosnia, 1 in Mostar and 1 in Sarajevo, do you prefer to go to Sarajevo? or just spent these 2 days in Mostar is better?

    1. Hi Fanny,
      You are planning very interesting tour. In September it will not take much time to pass the border, high season is over. Sunday morning is okay.
      I would recommend you to take the road from Kotor via Risan to Trebinje in Bosnia (border crossing Klobuk) and continue via Stolac to Mostar. There is a nice medieval necropolis in Stolac – along the main road. You can also visit an impressive cave “Vjetrenica” (signposts can be found everywhere along the road).
      I guess that this trip will take around 5 hours, but of course, that is my experience. It depends on the stops you make.
      Before arriving in Mostar you can visit Počitelj (see my last blog post) and Blagaj, also on Sunday. There is a big parking lot in Blagaj, as far as I can remember, I had to pay around 5 € for the whole day, but probably this will be lower in September. A visit of Blagaj will take you one or two hours, it is a small place.
      Should you decide to stay in Mostar for two days, you will also have the opportunity to visit the Kravice waterfalls (40 km southwest of Mostar) and the pilgrimage site of Medjugorje.
      Have a nice tiime!

      1. Fanny says: Reply

        Hi Marianne,

        Thanks for your kind information. I’m still consider go to Sarajevo or not. if not, then i will stay two days in Mostar. otherwise one day in Mostar and one day in Sarajevo. do you have any suggestion?


        1. Sarajevo is certainly worth a visit! It is a difficult decision, but I think you can do both: Mostar and surroundings (blagaj and Pocitelj) and Sarajevo. In Sarajevo don’t miss the Bas Carsija bazaar, the main mosque, the Gavrilo Princip bridge and the unique atmosphere of the narrow streets and shops.
          Have a nice stay!

          1. Fanny says:

            Hi Marianne,

            Great! thanks for your useful information.


          2. Fanny says:

            Sorry, can I just use Euro in Bosnia? Even at the shop in old town?

  21. Yes, you can use Euros everywhere in Bosnia.

  22. Dear Marianne thank you for everything what you doo for introduce the beautifull places and most places of Montenegro, if you pass by Tivat please stop by our office !!!
    Best regards Nebojsa !

    Trg od kulture 3
    85320 Tivat

  23. fanny says: Reply

    Hi Marianne,
    do you know can I use Euros in Croatia’s gas station?

  24. Fanny says: Reply

    Hi Marianne,

    When I drive from Croatia to Montenegro and Bosnia, is it need to buy green card when crossing the border?
    Or buy it at the border? And how much?


  25. Jacco says: Reply

    Hi Marianne,

    In the middle of October we are visiting Montenegro for the first time and your website provided us with a lot of great information, thank you!
    Still I have one question about transportation from Podgorica to Zabljak. We will arrive on a thursday around 16:00 at Podgorica Airport and would like to travel the same day to Zabljak. Since we are backpackers and want to keep it low-budget we would like to travel by public transport, which probably means by bus. I found this website (balkanviator.com) which shows a timetable for the buses. Unfortunately, according to the website, the last bus to leave Podgorica for Zabljak is at 15:57. Now am I not sure if this website is providing me with correct information and if all the bus lines are showed.
    My question to you: do you now if there are more bus (or other ways of transport) to get to Zabljak from Podgorica after 16:00 on Thursdays?

    Also, we would like to do some rafting and hiking-tours in the surrounding of Zabljak. Could you tell us if it will be better to make a reservation in advance (by internet) or will it be fine to arrange all that when we arrive in Zabljak. (we will probably stay around 4 -5 days).

    Thank you very much in advance and keep up to good work with your beautiful website!

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Jacco,
      Please address to Summit Travel Agency in Zabljak for all information (summit.co.me) and ask for Ana Grbovic, she is the owner and a friend of mine. She will certainly be able to help you!
      All the best and have a nice trip!
      Kind regards,

  26. Petr Gaikovich says: Reply

    Hello Marianne.

    My name is Petr Gaikovich, I’m from Russia, and I’m writing this short letter sitting in a small room which me and my wife rented a week ago in the beautiful city of Budva.

    We want to move from Russia to a country where not so cold for eight-nine months per year and where’s no need to care about mad politicians. We visited Greece (Crete) a year ago, South Italy (Bari, Lecce) this august and last week we came to Budva. And we liked it so much! I can’t to describe how much we like it. We visited Kotor and Herzeg-Novi. And we’re completely amazed. The seashore, small beautiful houses, mild and warm winter, chernogorsky (or serbian) language which is so similar to Russian. Even people here are so friendly and kind. This is the place where you want to leave.

    Today is the Christmas Eve for the East Christians, from 6 a.m. there was shooting all around, but it’s ok, it is a nice tradition. We are waiting for a taxi to Tivar airport right now, and almost in tears because we just want to stay here.

    I’m a scientist, got a master degree in Physics. My wife is a teacher in the one of the biggest
    Russian universities, she teaches Russian as native for foreign students. All we want to know, if there is a chance to find a job in Crna Gora. Maybe teachers, or guides, or hotel stuff, whatever. Maybe there are travel angencies or firms which hire stuff with knowledge of Russian and English. If there were a job, there’s no problem to leave all
    behind and move to this beautiful country.

    We will appreciate any advice or useful contact.
    Thanks in advance.
    Yours sincerely,
    Petr and Elena.

    P. S. Your blog is very interesting and useful,
    please proceed writing more.

    1. Hi Petr and Elena,
      Thank you for your nice mail. indeed, Montenegro is a very nice country to live in. Friendly people, wonderful nature, good climate …. I am sure that it would not be difficult for you to find a job here. But as there are large Russian communities here in Montenegro, in particular in Budva, Bar and the Bay of Kotor, I would suggest to contact website http://www.expat-blog.com/en/nationalities/russian/in/europe/montenegro. They can give you more detailed information.
      I wish you all the best and good luck!

  27. Pavlin says: Reply

    Hello Marianne

    I just wanted to wish you all the best and hope to see you this year in Theth ..
    greetings to Paul ..

    1. Thank you, we would really like to visit Theth this year once more, it is such a beautiful place!
      All the best,

  28. Rade Vukcevic says: Reply

    Dear Marianne,

    Is there any email you could be contacted on directly?

    Best Regards,


    1. My email address is marianne@vantwillert.me.
      Best regards, Marianne

  29. Agnieszka says: Reply

    Hello!!We are going to visit Czarnogóra this holidays. We will be travelling with 2 children(one is 3 years old, one is 7 years). Do you know some mountain trails for us (not high,not long, maby somewhere in valley …short walking 1-2 hour maximum). Is possible reach to Theth with not terrain car eg. renault scenic?…because I heard that way is very disturbed.
    Is near Zabljak walking short trail(e.g valley trail) for family with children?
    Greetings from Poland

    1. Hi Aga, thank you for your message. As to Theth, you need a 4WD to get there. Or take the minibus that leaves from Shkodra.
      I could recommend some easy mountain trails, suitable for children:
      the walk around Biogradsko Lake in the National Park Biogradska Gora – around one hour;
      the walk around the lake Crno Jezero near Zabljak in the Durmitor National Park – around one hour and a half.
      These walks are also suitable for families with children.
      Have a nice trip!
      Kind regards,

  30. Dear Marianne,
    Great blog! I’d like to use one of your photos for our new website for the Green Culture Fest/Conference we organise 10-12 September 2015 in Ada Bojana (www.greenculture.world, under consteuctuon, but the current one is http://www.greencultureconference.org-fyi). Could you kindly let me know of your conditions. You can reply to londonkrug@icloud.com.
    Many thanks,

    1. Dear Vesna,
      Ofcourse you can use my photos for your new website. My only condition is that you mention the source i.e. Blog Montenegro-for.me.
      Much success!
      Kind regards,

  31. Dear Marianne, certainly! Will you be able to provide higher resolution if our designer needs it? Please e-mail me on londonkrug@icloud.com so I can forward you the photo I’m interested in.
    Many thanks,

  32. Graham Goodfellow says: Reply

    Hi Marianne,

    I think your blog is magnificent. My wife Ann & I are coming to Montenegro for the last two weeks of May. I am particularly interested in orchids & would very much like to see the lizard orchid, Himantoglossum caprinum. Do you have a recommendation of a site for it, or will we perhaps be too early?

    Are there any other good locations for orchids which you would suggest? We fly to Dubrovnik & will rent a car, but have no fixed plan at present.

    Your post on Lukavica Plateau was very interesting; is the only way to get there by 4WD?

    Kind regards


    1. Hello Graham,
      Nice to see that you are interested in orchids. These days you can find a lot of them in Montenegro. Difficult to say where precisely. I think you should look around walking trails in central Montenegro, in particular on fields and plateaus in the lower mountains (around 700 m) and at the edge of forests. Eg. In National Park Lovcen, in the hills around the valley of Bjelopavlici (that is where I have found the lizard orchid, but it is very rare) and in the area between Kucka krajina and Piperska Stijena, around 20 km north of Podgorica.
      Lukavica Plateau is also a flower paradise, but you can only reach it by 4wd.
      I hope you enjoy your trip!
      All the best

  33. Sofie Op de Beeck says: Reply

    Hallo Marianne,

    Wat een leuke blog! Ik ben bezig met de voorbereidingen van mijn reis in juli-augustus en Montenegro is één van de bestemmingen. Voor Montenegro is alles me vrij duidelijk, maar ik had nog een vraagje over Albanië. Mijn oorspronkelijke plan was namelijk om door te reizen tot Lake Ohrid in Macedonië, maar vermits er daar op het moment spanningen zijn, lijkt dat me toch niet zo’n goed plan. Kan jij misschien een leuke plek aanraden aan de Albanese kant van het meer? Ik reis met mijn eigen wagen en probeer waar mogelijk te kamperen.
    Bedankt alvast!


    1. Hallo Sofie,
      Leuk dat je van plan bent een Balkanreis te maken. Helaas kan ik je geen leuke plaats aan de Albanese kant van het Ohridmeer aanraden, er is daar niet veel te beleven. Leuke plaatsen daar in de buurt zijn Korca en Voskopoje. Ik ken wel een prachtige camping in Albanie asn het meer van Shkodra: Lake Shkodra Resort. Maar ook in Zuid-Albanie aan de Adriatische kust zijn mooie plaatsen te vinden. Camping Pa Emer bv. Op internet is genoeg info te vinden, of koop het boek ‘Albanie’ van Paul Wennekes, te bestellen bij http://www.boekscout.nl.
      Goede reis en veel plezier!

  34. Sofie Op de Beeck says: Reply

    Dank je wel, Marianne voor de snelle reactie. Over Lake Shkodra Resort las ik al in jouw blog, dus dat staat zeker op mijn lijstje. Ondertussen heb ik ook wat meer gelezen in de Lonely Planet van Oost-Europa. Dat maakte echter dat ik me opeens wat ongerust begon te maken. Zij stellen immers dat wagens met vreemde nummerplaat en/of waar zichtbaar bagage inzit, in Oost-Europa vaak het voorwerp zijn van diefstal. Vermits ik ga kamperen met een Renault Kangoo, die ik ‘uitgebouwd’ heb tot kampeerwagen, ben ik, als ik een dorp of stad ga bezoeken, steeds met mijn hele hebben en houden onderweg. Ik heb niet echt waardevolle spullen zoals een computer, camera, … in de auto liggen uiteraard, maar uiteindelijk zit alles onder mijn bed en ziet niemand precies wat het is. Het zou dus zomaar eens iets interessants kunnen zijn… Ik laat me niet graag bang maken en wil zeker niet bevooroordeeld vertrekken (ik reisde al op zowat alle continenten met de rugzak rond en had nog nooit problemen), maar dit is de eerste keer dat ik op deze manier (eigen wagen die ik ergens onbewaakt moet achterlaten) reis (buiten Frankrijk en Nederland dan).
    Kan jij me, vanuit jouw persoonlijke verhalen een beetje gerust stellen? Ik begrijp uiteraard dat er altijd een risico is, ongeacht wat een ander wel of niet meemaakte. Het feit echter dat jij ginder woont, geeft je misschien een iets accuratere kijk op de dingen.

    Dank alweer voor je antwoord.

  35. Beste Marianne,

    Wat een leuke blog, heel erg bedankt!

    Ik en mijn vrienden gaan in augustus een maand een kleine balkan tour doen (kroatie, montenegro, bosnie en servie) en hierbij zou ik graag voor mijn travel/lifestyle magazine (Tourist&Wolf) een stuk schrijven over het Dormitor park. En na wat onderzoek kwam ik bij jullie verhaal van Ring Around Durmitor, waarbij ik dacht: Ja dit MOET ik ook doen. Nu gaven jullie aan dat het huren van een goede all-terrain wagen belangrijk is, maar dat het voor jullie ook lukte met een citroen busje.

    Nu heb ik en mijn Kroatische vriendin een klein zwak autootje en vraag ik mij af: gaan wij het hiermee redden? Tot hoever is het moeilijk rijden op de onverharde wegen en zijn er plekken waar je niet mag komen met de auto?
    En tevens, heeft u misschien nog wat tips voor de route hoe het beste gereden kan worden.

    Bedankt alvast

    1. Hallo Thomas,
      Voor zover ik weet is de weg door de Susica canyon (16 km van Mala Crna Gora tot Nedajno) nog altijd onbegaanbaar voor kleine auto’s. Ik ben er zelf al een tijdje niet meer geweest, dus ik weet niet precies hoe de toestand vna de weg is. Vanuit Zabljak worden er jeep safaris georganiseerd. Wel kun je met de auto van Zabljak tot Mala Crna Gora rijden – bovenkant van de canyon -, de weg is erg smal, maar wel geasfalteerd.
      Bovendien is er een andere prachtige weg die ik je zou willen aanbevelen. Zie mijn blogpost Durmitor – the Sedlo pass route. Deze weg gaat van het Pivameer tot Zabljak. Asfalt, erg smal, maar fantastische uitzichten. Voor mij de mooiste weg in Montenegro!
      In dit geval zou je van Niksic richting Pluzine moeten rijden, dan de Sedlo pass route via Trsa tot Zabljak en vanuit Zabljak de Durmitorring (die ook een gedeelte van de Sedlo pass route volgt, nl. het gedeelte vanaf Trsa tot Zabljak) per 4×4 ofwel tot Mala Crna Gora met je eigen auto en dezelfde weg terug naar Zabljak. Lijkt gecompliceerd, maar als je een goede kaart hebt, zal het je meteen duidelijk zijn.
      Op de terugweg is het dan leuker de weg langs de Tara via Kolasin te volgen, dan heb je echt een compleet beeld van de Durmitor.
      Mijn echtgenoot, Paul Wennekes, is overigens auteur van het eerste Nederlandse reisboek over Montenegoro, te bestellen bij Boekscout of bol.com.
      Enne .. Zou je in je tekst een link naar mijn blog kunnen plaatsen?
      Heel veel succes en een fijne tijd in Montenegro!

  36. dino1460Dino Zelenika says: Reply

    Dear Marianne,
    First of all, I am really inspired by your website and your passion for Montenegro and the region. The content here is an excellent standard and so informative-I daresay that even a lot of locals don’t have as much knowledge about the region as you do!

    I was born in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina but have lived in the UK for a number of years. I am looking to do some travelling in Montenegro and am also interested to take some tour groups there. Is there an email address I could contact you on so I can tell you more about this?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon, and please keep up the great work.

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hi Dino, thank you for your kind words. My email address is marianne@vantwillert.me.
      I look forward to hearing from you!
      All the best,

  37. Milanka Jevric from Canada says: Reply

    Hello Marianne,I like your website very much,but I notice you never said anything regarding beautiful mounton KOMOVI Berane,or Andrijevica.
    I’m born in Konjuhe,Japan village under Beutiful KOMOVE.and I could help there for some accommodation if some one like hiking to the Komove.

    1. Hi Milanka,
      Yes, I agree! There are many beautiful places in the northern part of Montenegro to discover. I will be traveling a lot through that part of the country next year and I will certainly write about the places you mentioned!
      Thank you for your suggestion and all the best!
      Kind regards,

      1. Milanka Jevric says: Reply

        Thanks very much for e-mail me back. Keep me posted when you will be there.

  38. Jochem says: Reply

    Beste Marianne,

    Erg leuk blog, bedankt! Vanaf 15 februari ga ik 3 maanden stage lopen bij de Centralna Banka Crne Gore in Podgorica. Met veel plezier heb ik je blog (terug)gelezen over Montenegro, met name de stukjes over Montengrijnen en hun cultuur. Ik kijk erg uit naar mijn verblijf in Podgorica en zal je blog zeker nog wel eens gebruiken voor tripjes in het weekend. Ik zag ook dat je een TEDx heb gemaakt, maar die kon ik helaas (nog) niet begrijpen.

    Ik wilde ook graag een fiets op te kop tikken om dagelijks van mijn appartement naar de centrale bank te fietsen. Ik vroeg me af of jij een idee hebt waar in Podgorica ik een fiets zou kunnen kopen.

    Ik hoor graag van je!


    1. Hallo Jochem,
      Leuk dat je drie maanden naar Podgorica komt. Natuurlijk willen Paul en ik je graag wegwijs maken. Een fiets kopen is geen probleem, er zijn meerdere fietsenwinkels in Podgorica en sinds vorig jaar hebben we ook fietspaden in de stad.
      Om je nog beter op weg te helpen, zou je Paul’s boek kunnen kopen, een uitgebreide gids over Montenegro en de enige in het Nederlands. Te bestellen bij bol.com, titel “Montenegro”, auteur Paul Wennekes.
      Ik geef je mijn mobiele telefoon: 067 617848, mijn email adres is marianne@vantwillert.me. Wij zijn tot 1 maart in Podgorica, daarna enkele weken op reis. Laat gerust iets horen, we zouden het leuk vinden een kopje koffie met je te drinken.

  39. francoise says: Reply

    We plan to travel in Montenegro in august.
    We are with our child : He is 6.
    We would like what we could visit or doing with him ?
    We plan to go in the north (1 week) first, then near Koto. And finishing on the beach (ulcinj)
    Thanks for your answer

    1. Hi Francoise,
      I am sure that the Ulcinj beach is an ideal place for your child with its fine sand and shallow sea. The northern part of Montenegro, in particular Durmitor, is very nice for walking. I would recommend Zabljak and the Black Lake (Crno jezero). On the coast you can also find some aquaparks, e.g. In Budva.
      Have a nice trip!

  40. Dusko says: Reply

    Hi Marianne,

    I loved the way you Wrote about the insider tips on how to deal with Montenegrins ( if you are a foreigner). Actually we both share something in common. You are a native Dutch and me to. Even do my ancestors are from Montenegro. Despite having some lectures about International relations and different cultures at university their was one though thing to deal with……… how to understand the Montenegrins? I got the roots, got the experience with my own family and year by year with locals but still I wasn’t able to understand it fully, probably because I was raised through mixed cultures. Your post will make it much easier for me to understand the locals and I would definitely recommend each foreigner interested in Montenegro to read your post.

  41. Hi Marianne,
    I was looking for more information on the practice of posting death notices on trees in Montenegro… and got beautifully sidetracked by your wonderful blog.
    I have referenced it on my post at http://thatmomentintime-crissouli.blogspot.com.au/p/burial-customs-ariound-wortld.html

    I still haven’t found a lot more about the custom, but I was so engrossed in your blog that i have out that side for another time.
    Thank you.

  42. Elwillo says: Reply

    Hi Marianne,

    As I was looking for some informations on Montenegro, I found your blog and it’s really impressive and useful !
    We’re gonna stay two weeks in August with our daughter (2 years old). We’ve hired a car and we want to camp.
    Until now this is where we were thinking going:
    – Herceg-Novi
    – Ostrog
    – Petrovac
    – Prcanj
    – Perast
    – Virpazar
    – Parc Lovcen
    – Piva
    – Durmidor (Žabljak or Savnic ?)
    – Kolašin
    – Biograska Gora
    – Plav

    What do you think about that ? We love nature, hiking and travelling in quite places. By the way is it easy to camp in Montenegro ?

    Thanks for your time Marianne

    1. sasa says: Reply

      Be sure to visit Kotor beautiful place for rest and rich history.

  43. Goedemorgen,
    Ik werk bij een ontwerpburo en ben bezig met een boekomslag. Nou heb ik een prachtig beeld gevonden van Kadinjača die ik nergens anders als ‘stockfoto’ kan vinden. Zou ik uw foto mogen gebruiken voor als inzetje de cover van een boek? Graag zou ik ook willen weten of u daar kosten voor wilt rekenen. Ik hoop dat u mij z.s.m. een mailtje hierover kunt sturen. Dan kan ik ook meer informatie geven indien gewenst.
    Met vriendelijk groet, Merlijn van Strien, Haagsblauw Den Haag

    1. Goedemorgen Merlijn,
      Geen enkel probleem, u kunt mijn foto zonder kosten gebruiken. Zou het mogelijk zijn wel het adres van mijn blog te vermelden? En kunt u mij uitleggen om wat voor boek het gaat? Mijn email adres is marianne@vantwillert.me.
      Veel succes en hartelijke groet,
      Marianne van Twillert

  44. Chris Alexiou says: Reply

    Hello Marianne

    Very interesting post, quite informative (and a great narration I must say). I am thinking of moving to Podgorica with my family (wife and a 10 yo daughter).

    Is there any part of the city you would recommend for residence, with facilities nearby (school, shops etc)?

    Thank you in advance for your help

    Best regards

    1. Hi Chris, thank you for your nice words. Podgorica is a good choice, we enjoy living here. Which part of the city? It depends: do you want to live in an apartment or a house with garden? We live in an apartment in the new part of the city, called “Preko Morace” and we are really satisfied. It is a modern and clean environment, shops, institutions, schools, etc. are nearby. It is more difficult to rent a house, but there are enough real estate agencies.
      Hope to meet you here!
      All the best,

  45. Chris says: Reply

    Thank you so much! I will contact you when we are there!

  46. Hoi, ik woon in Ierland. Ik ben Nederlandse. Ik ben dol op de Balkan. Ik ga je blog morgen helemaal doorlezen. Ik ga binnenkort ook meer schrijven over Montenegro maar deze reis ging via Bar en Kotor: http://biancaoverdegrens.com/een-rondreis-van-2-weken-per-trein-door-oost-europa-en-de-balkan/

    1. Hallo, bedankt voor je reactie. Als je nog informatie nodig hebt, schrijf me gerust. Mijn email adres is marianne@vantwillert.me. Mijn blog is een beetje rommelig op t ogenblik, ik ben de teksten aan het aanpassen, maar de inhoud blijft gelijk!
      Veel succes en hartelijke groet, Marianne

  47. Heel erg bedankt. Ik heb met een kennis uit Macedonie http://www.macedonievandaag.com opgezet. We zijn net begonnen. Maar voor mijn eigen blog ben ik met een post over Montenegro bezig. Maar het kan even duren. Ik was ook druk met texten aanpassen en links maar dat was niet z’n goed idee was aangezien tweets gelinkt stonden aan mijn oude blog.

  48. Orlando says: Reply

    Enjoying the blog.. perhaps you can consider having the dates of the posts, so we can tell if these are recent or old posts. Thanks

    1. Good morning, the date of each post is mentioned under the title. But you are right, I started to write in 2012, so several posts are not up to date. I will start soon with the updating. Thank you and kind regards!

  49. Dinka Spirovska says: Reply

    Hello Marianne,
    Nice work here. I really like one of your images… would like to use on my website. Please write separately. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Dinka, you can write me at email adress: marianne@vantwillert.me. All the best, Marianne

  50. Dear Marianne,
    I write to you in izmir. I plan to come to Montenegro soon.
    We need a good interpreter.
    I will come there to do research for a small investment plan.

    Please write to me by private email.

    Best Regards

  51. Mrs. Mutawa says: Reply

    Hello Marianne,
    We would like to visit Albania and Kosovo by car arriving from Istanbul and going through Bulgaria and Macedonia. We are a young family with 3 children and we are Middle Eastern specifically from Kuwait and we look very Arab. I heard Albanians are extremely poor and I wonder if it is safe for us to wonder around Albania and Kosovoby car. Please reply. Thank you very mich 😊😊😊 we love the Balkan region and previously visited Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro 😊

    1. Good morning! I really don’t have any experience with traveling in Kosovo, but as to Albania I can only say that Albania, although poor, is a very hospitable country. It is my opinion that it is also a safe country for tourists, safer than many West-European countries! And Albanians love children!!! So don’t be afraid and enjoy your holidays – there are so many beautiful places to see! All the best, MArianne

  52. suela says: Reply

    Hello i was reading your blog and i sow that you traveled to ALBANIA as well …..i want to ask you if is possible to help me with a contact for a motor-home or a camper i need it to rent it from Montenegro to Albania for a week or 10 days . Thank you in advance i will appreciate your help a lot.
    Suela from Albania

    1. Hi, I am really sorry to inform you that camper tourism is still rather unknown in Montenegro. As far as I know, there is no company where you could rent a camper. Most rented campers we see here are from Croatia or Slovenia. I wish you much success in finding a solution!

  53. danielparis says: Reply

    Hi Marianne, thanks a lot for your post, actually it was really useful for my work and I share it on http://architectuul.com/architecture/stambeni-complex-blok-5. Let me know if you can be interested to post also on our community.


  54. Kieron says: Reply

    Hello Marianne,

    I’m visiting Montenegro in end May 2017 and I would like to ask if there is any buses from Podgorica that goes to Korita, where I can take the hiking trail to Grlo Sokolovo.

    Thank you.
    Best Regards,

    1. Hi, I am afraid that there are no buses to Kucka Korita. You can hire a car in Podgorica or at the airport.
      Have a nice trip!
      Kind regards,

  55. laurent bobowski says: Reply

    Hello Marianne.
    First of all thanks for your blog. It is very helpful.
    With my wife we would like to visit Podgorica and we need a guide who can help us to discover the city. May be can you help us? Or do you have some contacts? I think you should be the best guide:) Hvala puno and hope to see you. We are in Montenegro until end of june.

    1. Hi, thank you for your nice words. I am traveling the Balkans with a group of Dutch campers at the moment, but I would recommend you to find more information at the website od Podgorica’s Tourism Organisation: http://www.podgorica.travel. I am sure they can help you.
      Have a nice time in Montenegro and enjoy Podgorica!

      1. laurent says: Reply

        Hvala Marianne:)

  56. Kate says: Reply

    Hi Marianne, thank you so much for all your wonderful posts! I’m in the process of planning a trip to Montenegro and have learned a lot from your blog. I was just wondering, between Durmitor and Biogradska Gora, which would you recommend to a solo female traveller without a car? I will be taking public transit from Kotor and am having a hard time deciding which national park to visit. Any thoughts you might have would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  57. Kate says: Reply

    I forgot to mention that I will be there at the end of June, leaving in just a couple days. 😉

  58. Dear Marianne, I’m a freelance picture editor and I’m working on a new forthcoming book on brutalist architecture. I might be interested in featuring one of your images, as seen here, http://montenegro-for.me/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/blok5b.jpg, but please can you email me on sbell@phaidon.com for further details? I hope to hear from you soon. With many thanks, Sarah //Sarah Bell, Freelance Picture Editor, Phaidon Press.

  59. I wish there would be more flights to Montenegro from Poland :/ by car its more than 15 hours… Best connections is from Berlin… eh..

  60. Yuta ARIMA says: Reply

    Hello Marianne, I’m Japanese TV director who is currently preparing a program which will show a long walk from Rijeka Crnojevica to Kotor following the old trade route via Cetinje and Njegusi. I express my sincere congratulations for your excellent blog. Your blog inspires me a lot and in it I found many information on history and culture of the region than elsewhere. If possible, could you please recommend books that I can refer ? I thank you in advance. Best regards. Yuta

  61. Jeffrey Sweetbaum says: Reply

    Hello Marianne,

    I am involved with a couple who are promoting ecological awareness by standup paddling throughout Europe on a paddleboard made of recycled plastic bottles, and on the 30th of September we are going to support their efforts to paddle 42 kilometers on the Zeta River, from above Danilovgrad to to Podgorica. In connection with this I was wondering if we could be in touch. My phone number is +32869190190 and my Skype: j.e.frey

    Thanks in advance,


  62. Hi Jeffrey, I am in the Netherlamds at the moment, but I will be back by the end of September. This seems to be a great idea! Please contact Zero Waste Montenegro, you can find all data on Facebook. I am sure they will be interested in supporting you. All the best, Marianne

  63. Josef says: Reply

    I have a question when is the road from Tamara to Vermosh opened/asphalted? If not, when is it expected? Thank you for an amazing blog!

  64. Marianne says: Reply

    Yes, it is open, i.e. asphalted since October 2016!

    1. Josef says: Reply

      That’s perfect news! And thank YOU!

  65. Frederic DEPREZ says: Reply

    Dear Marianne, I just came back from a trip from Skadar lake. I fall in love with this area. I loved the old stones, villages and fisher man settlement. One of my dream would be to restaure an old house or village in a traditional. I am not a rich investor but a person passionate by history. Do you know how to identify the owner of an abandoned house in Montenegro?

    1. Hi Frederic, what a nice idea! Of course, you can find a real estate agency (if possible in Podgorica). There is a high demand for such old stone houses and it is not easy to find them, as many locals don’t like to sell their “family property”, although they have abandoned it. If you have the possibility, go and take a look in the villages and if you see something interesting, ask the neighbours. Be aware of the fact that many houses or ruins are commonly owned by several family members and it might be difficult to come to an agreement. But I wish you much success! I wish I were younger: I would do the same!!!
      Best wishes,

  66. ella says: Reply

    Hello Marianne,
    I am going to travel to Podgorica and I would like to meet with you for an interview if possible?
    I am doing research on the ex-yugoslavian countries and I will like your insight.
    Let me know and we can continue via email. Thank you!

    1. Hi Ella, that sounds interesting! My email address is marianne@vantwillert.me. I am expecting more details about the interview and the time of your visit.
      All the best and kind regards,

  67. Cath Birtwistle says: Reply

    Hi Marianne. We are in Rijeka crnojevica and there is a big war memorial to Russian soldiers here. Do you know why? Was there a big battle in ww2? Thanks

    1. Hi, I only know that there is a big monument for fallen Partisans, local people. It is on the corner near the bridge with many names on it. Where have you seen this Russian war memorial?

  68. Neil says: Reply

    Hi there, we are planning visiting Montenegro for some hiking 10-20 October & want to see the autumn colors.. Are they usually out during this period or will we be too early?
    Many thanks, Neil

    1. Hi Neil, October is a good time to see the autumn colors. Read my blogpost: Autumn on Montenegro!
      Regards, Marianne

  69. Gopala Krishnan says: Reply

    Want to know whether Montenegro has scope for investments (by foreigners) in Agriculture? What is the ‘real’ attitude of the Government authorities, local population about the foreign investors, say, someone from Asia? How safe is Montenegro for an Asian?

    1. Hi, I would recommend you to ask this question at Word of Mouth – Montenegro Expat & Visitors Club. You will find it on Fb or Google. All thebest, Marianne

  70. Ekaterina says: Reply

    Hello!) Please tell me where the photo of a small chapel with green grass and a mountain in the background was taken (photo 5) was in the post “A ROUND TRIP THROUGH GRBALJ”. Modeling to be, you tell me some more beautiful places near Kotor, where you can hold a wedding ceremony?

    1. Photo 5 is the same church as photo 1, the church of St George near the village of Ljesevici. I think that Perast might be a nice place for a wedding ceremony. What do you think about the island of the Lady on the Rocks? Or Prcanj?

  71. Satbir Singh Kadian says: Reply

    Dear Marianne,
    Seems you are an awesome person and am keen to meet you.
    I’m from North India and a delegation headed by the Hon’ble Minister Agriculture is scheduled to visit Podgorica on May 17th -19th to learn about –
    1. Marketing of Horticulture Produce
    2.Irrigation Practices and Legal Framework
    3. Possibilities of mutual cooperation/ trade/ technology exchange in the filed of Food and Agriculture.
    should you feel convenient, it would be a pleasure to meet you.
    Thanking you,
    Warmest best,
    Satbir Singh Kadian, PhD
    Chief Engineer, I&WR Department, Government of Haryana, INDIA-134119.

  72. Ofra Ardenbaum says: Reply

    Hello Marriane,
    We are seniors arriving to Montenegro by the end of June . In our stop in Podgorica we wonder if in that period it’s worthwhile to visit Niagara falls, or it’s dry already? Many thanks in advance for your reply,

  73. Alena Klvaňová says: Reply

    Dear Marianne, I am an editor of non-profit magazine for the members of the Czech Society for Ornithology, the BirdLife partner in the Czech republic. In the next issue we will report on the protection of the Ulcinj salina. I would like to ask you for a favour. Would you be so kind and let us publish one of your photos from Ulcinj salina (the flock of the flamingos) in our journal? Of course, we would publish your name as an author of the picture and we can add also the address of your website. I would send you the article in pdf and a printed journal on you address, if you wish. Many thanks in advance for your response! Best wishes

    1. Hello Alena,
      Of course, you can publish my photo in your journal! It would be really nice if you could also publish my name and the address of my website.
      I am looking forward to receiving the article in pdf.
      I wish you much success with your work and best wishes,

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