snorkeling2a slano baySnorkeling in Croatia and Montenegro is quite popular among tourists: it is fun, easy and inexpensive. Of course, the Adriatic Sea is not filled with colorful fish and coral reefs. That’s why snorkeling in these waters is not really spectacular, if compared to the Caribbean Sea or the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

So, why snorkeling in the Adriatic Sea (photo 1)? There are several reasons: the waters are clear and the visibility is great, as the coast is mostly rocky (photo 2). Snorkelers can discover an interesting undersea world: fish, anemones, crabs, sea urchins, snails… And it is still possible to find lonely and quiet places, where you can explore the sea bottom without being disturbed by boats, ski jets or other “pirats”!

Spending our summer holidays in Slano, we often go out with our dinghy in search of lonely beaches and coves. In a hidden corner of the Bay of Slano, we have found a small inlet surrounded by rocks that cannot be reached by land (photo 3).

snorkeling2 Slano bayThis is an ideal place for snorkeling. The water is calm and we can always spot lots of small fish (photo 4) swimming along the rocky shores. The bottom is covered by algae, sea cucumbers, shells and snails… There are fields of grasses, but also sandy and rocky areas.

But when you snorkel in shallow waters, you should certainly watch out for sea urchins. Be careful not to step on them or touch them: their spines are poisonous and can cause a lot of problems when they are not removed immediately.

The algae, anemones and other plants on the sea bottom are amazing. I am not an expert; I can only say that some of them look like flowers  and other ones have strange colors and forms (photo 5).

Snorkeling is exercising and relaxing at the same time. When I put on my mask and submerse my body in the water, I am connected with nature in an amazing way. I have the feeling as if I am in another world. Time stands still. There is no sound except for the sound of my breathing and the rhythm of the waves. Believe me, I can spend hours snorkeling and the time passes almost unnoticeably.

I have discovered that it is a great experience to let my body just floating. The longer I float on the spot, the more small fish start coming out of their hiding places under the rocks and the grass (photo 6). The sense of peace and calm makes snorkeling almost a spiritual experience. Sounds great, don’t you think? Give it a try!



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