One of the most spectacular roads in Montenegro is, no doubt, the Sedlo pass route from Piva Lake to Zabljak. The road, althoug narrow, is completely paved now and when you travel off-season, the silence – and beauty – of nature is absolute.

An update of this article was posted on June 27, 2018, see: Durmitor: the Sedlo Pass Route in springtime

We made the trip late in August, in an extremely dry period. From the road Nikšić – Plužine, we followed the sign „Durmitor“ on the right side. The road winded up steeply through a labyrinth of small tunnels. We stopped the camper several times, enjoying the breathtaking views of the blue-green Piva Lake.

Passing through the village of Trsa we saw that tourism has started to develop in this part of Durmitor, too. Taverns with terraces, small wooden huts for hikers, horses and bikes for tourists ….. And then again: pure nature, an overwhelming landscape that makes you believe that you are just a tiny particle of the Universe. 

The southern side of Durmitor is treeless and covered by grass, which was now dry and yellow, but also this part – together with the blue sky and grey-white rocks – turned out to be an attractive place for photographers.

On our way to the Sedlo pass, we passed Todorov Do and Dobri Do. Shepherds were trying to find some food for their flocks on the extensive plains, but the grass was burnt by the sun. We enjoyed the view of the picturesque limestone cliffs and rocks of which the most impressive were Prutaš (2393 m) (prut = twig in the local language) and Sedlena Greda (2227 m), which really looks like an enormous saddle (sedlo = saddle). Local people sometimes call it „Saddle of God“.

The rock layers were sometimes completely vertical, sometimes twisted, and we got the impression that a huge hand had just played with them as if they were made of clay. We had the feeling as if we were in a kind of natural amphitheater and could not stop admiring these natural phenomena.

The Sedlo pass (1907 m) is the highest road pass in Montenegro and offers a phantastic view on both sides. Reaching the top of the pass, we enjoyed the panorama of the Valovito Jezero lake and the sharp rock of Stožina (1905 m). The picturesque road led us further to the village of Virak and over the undulating Jezerska Površ plateau to Žabljak.



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  1. Jovan says: Reply

    Yes! This is a fantastic route.

  2. Mark Jones says: Reply

    Hi Marianne, I’ve read your blog with interest. We’re heading to Montenegro on Sunday and plant to spend the first week in the mountains before heading to the a bay of Kotor for a week and to explore the coastal area. We’re taking the car from Dubrovnik and going to Mostar and Sarajevo before entering Montenegro from the north west and driving to Pluzine/lake Piva. From there we plan to take this mountain road to Zabljak then to the Tara Gorge road to Mojkovac, and onward to Kolasin, then to Plav and either from Podgorica (not to say, I’ve visited before with work) and either to Shkadra or Cetinje and Mt Lovcen national park down the windy road to Kotor, which I’ve driven in the past. I am concerned about safety on the routes between Pluzine – Zabljak – Tara Gorge – Mojkovac – Kolasin – Plav (and before Podgorica). I will be with my wife and young child and would welcome any feedback. I expect the weather to be good next week so I hope it will at least be dry on the high roads and not too cool. Look forward to hearing from you and thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely blog. Thanks, Mark

    1. Hi Mark,
      This is certainly a nice route through Montenegro! In general, all roads you have selected are of good quality and safe. Only the Sedlo pass road to Zabljak is rather narrow and windy, and most of the time without protection rails. But I am sure you can manage it, as it offers breathtaking views and a magnificent scenery. Take care on the “serpentine” road from Lovcen national park to Kotor, it is rather narrow. And finally I would like to warn you about the road from Mojkovac/Kolasin to Podgorica: this is the main road to Serbia and Belgrade, and there will be much traffic next week. In particular the road through Morača canyon is “famous” for the high number of car accidents!
      Have a nice time in Montenegro!

  3. Mark Jones says: Reply

    Hi Marianne,

    Thank you for your message. I previously drove the Cetinje-Kotor old road a few years ago so I have experienced this. I also think I have been a passenger in the Morača canyon section as I was once driven by a taxi driver from Pristina, Kosovo to Podgorica when I was working on human rights projects. I know we crossed the mountain border after Peć so looking on a map I assume we must have driven via Kolasin, albeit that I was not familiar with the area at the time. If we are heading south are we on the outside or the inside on the southbound route through the Morača canyon. And are the accidents frequently fatalities with cars falling into the gorge? I don’t see we have alternatives if we plan to visit the mountainous interior so I suppose we will just have to pray and take care.

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  5. Silvana says: Reply


    I would like to know if we can reach Ledena Pecina form sedlo pass by Bobotov Kuk… And to come back.
    How much time is needed for that?


    1. Hello,
      Sorry, I can’t help you, as I am traveling through the Balkans until early June. Try to find a travel agency in Zabljak for more hiking information.
      All the best,

  6. Such a helpful post! Can’t wait to experience this route!

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