Early spring is an ideal period for a walking tour to Gornji Stoliv in the Bay of Boka Kotorska. Driving from Tivat in the direction of Prčanj and Kotor, you will soon arrive in the picturesque village of Stoliv, a small fisherman’s settlement from the 14th century that remained preserved over the centuries.

Stoliv is famous for its festival “Days of Camelia”. The first camelia from Japan was brought by the Stoliv seamen in the 18th century. The “Days of Camelia” have been organized in the springtime ever since.

Donji Stoliv is located at the very sea shore and has, together with the almost abandoned hamlet of Gornji Stoliv, around 500 inhabitants.

From here you can make a 45 minute walk to Gornji Stoliv located on the slopes of Mount Velji Vrh. Park your car near the post office and you will find a narrow path that leads uphill, starting between the post office and mile stone 38. From the graveyard you will continue by an old pebble road that takes you zigzag up to this peaceful hamlet through chestnut woods and olive groves. A fantastic view over the entire Boka will burst before you up there. Many houses are abandoned, but the village has succeeded in keeping its original form and authenticity.

Goats are roaming around the church of Sv. Ilija (St. Elijah), situated on the top of the hill (260 m above sea level). The church is certainly worth a visit. Of course, donkeys are the only means of transportation here.

You can take the same road back, but when you have time enough, you can also continue the hiking tour to the mountain saddle of Kalvaria (540 m) and then through Vrdola back to the coast, downhill to the village of Prčanj. Here you can take a bus back to the starting point in Donji Stoliv. The complete hiking tour takes 3.5 – 4 hours.

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  1. Susan Downs says: Reply

    Dear Marianne
    I simply wanted to let you know that, having booked accommodation in Donji Stoliv and finding that even my Bradt Guide is very short on detail about it, I googled Donji Stoliv and your notes re the walk to Gornji Stoliv, were the first search result to appear. Very interesting and the walk is something I might try to prepare myself for before I arrive in the undoubtedly very hot month of July.
    I’ve had a read through some of the general comments and requests for info on your site. Do I take it from these that you organise walks etc for visitors? I’m traveling on my own for the first 3 weeks (18th July to 8th August). I shall then move to Prčanj where a friend from home (Scotland) will join me for a week.
    Thanks for your time.
    Yours, Susan Downs.

  2. Dear Susan, I don’t organise walks for visitors, my blog is not commercial, but I am sure that you will find an organisation in Kotor, which organises trips and walks in the surroundings. See waytomonte.com. Best regards, Marianne

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