The surroundings of Skadar Lake offer great opportunities for hiking, also during the winter period. We took advantage of the first sunny day in February and  traveled by car to Karuč, a romantic fisherman’s village on the banks of the Lake. It is such a pity that several new houses were built around the village, so that it has already lost its authentic look!

The forests around the Lake were full of crocuses and it was clear that spring will arrive soon. However, the hiking trails have not been prepared for the season yet and it was a hard job to find the signposts for trail 791. We continued from Karuč in the direction of Dodoši and at the crossroads to Kraćedo (the yellow signpost for the trail has obviously disappeared!) we parked the car and followed the marked trail to Mala Bobija. However, this is only a part of the trail as desrcibed in the National Park brochure: it took us about two hours in both directions.

In Kraćedo, a charming village situated on a green plateau, we came to the end of the asphalt road and the further dirt road lead us uphill to the top of Mala Bobija, at an altitude of 416 m.

 The view of the Lake was magnificent and the bluish mountains in the surroundings gave it a strange mystic look. 

As it was a sunny day, the viewpoint on the top of Mala Bobija offered a unique panorama of the Zeta plain, Podgorica and the Prokletije mountains. We did not only see the Millenium Bridge, but also the Aluminium Combinate and the Podgorica airport.

But the highlight of this hiking tour was the spectacular view over the quiet Skadar Lake and the sleepy village od Dodoši. We remained an hour or so on the top and enjoyed the wild beauty of Montenegro in winter time.




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  1. Dejan Dajkovic says: Reply

    Dear Marianne,
    I have really enjoyed in this nice post.
    I wish you to add some more information about this place. There is a small chapel or monk cell near this place. It is not easy to be seen from the top of the mountain, because it is on the cliff looking toward to Dodosi. You can see my photos from this place on the next link: (I hope that you can open it).
    It is very unusual place with magnificent and more dramatic view. This monk cell is between Mala and Velja Bobija peak, terrain on the area is very overgrown in vegetation and it is not easy to find a trail. Me and my friend have succeeded after third time.
    Once again, thank you for this nice post.
    Best regards,

  2. Ferry Heijne says: Reply

    Hallo Marianne, allereerst de complimenten met je mooie en informatieve blog! Ik zal vervolgen in het Engels. My wife and I are planning to walk around Karuc and Dodosi. In the information of Trail 791 in the map of National Park Skadar Lake we read about the possibility of finding accomodation in the village of Dodosi. We made a lot of effort in searching the internet for more details but couldn’t find any. I was wondering if you could help us any further. Alvast veel dank en vriendelijke groeten,

    Ferry Heijne

    1. Hallo Ferry,
      Hartelijk dank voor je berichtje. Leuk dat jullie willen hiken in de omgeving van het Skadarmeer. Ik weet ook niet of je onderdak kunt vinden in Dodoši, maar in het dorp Rvaši, 3 km van Karuč, zou ik je een mooie kamer in een oud stenen huis kunnen aanbevelen. Op de website kun je daarover informatie vinden en ook boeken. Zij bemiddelen ook bij onderdak in andere dorpen aan het Skadarmeer. Vraag naar Angelika Temper en noem even mijn naam, dan weet je in ieder geval dat het goed komt.
      Ik hoop je hiermee van dienst te zijn geweest.
      Hartelijke groeten,

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